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LRON Far North Kaokoland Trophy

Join us for a scenic tour through the Northwest of Namibia, Kaokoland, from the 29th April (Ruacana) to the 6th of May (Kamanjab). Among many amazing picturesque landscapes and natural phenomenon’s, we will visit places like Ruacana, Epupa, Van Zyl’s Pass, Marble Mine, Hoarusib River, Puros, Huanib, Warmquelle and Khowarib Schlucht. An adventure for offroad and 4×4 enthusiasts. The tour will take the form of a Trophy event, with various activities for everyone to take part in. These activities will test a variety of skills and talents and at the end a winner will be crowned.

Activities Running Over multiple days:

1. 4×4 Off-road scoring event
a. During the tour one or two 4×4 obstacles will be chosen to be scored for the trophy competition at the end of the trip.
2. Best LRON Spirit embodiment
a. Judged based on Person or group living the LRON Spirit
b. Participation in activities
c. Judged by Trip Organizers
3. Camp fire stories
a. Judged by reaction to and participation in social times around the fire place
b. Judged by Trip Organizers
4. Best Picture competition
a. Each Vehicle will be required to submit one picture per category
b. Winner will be determined by best picture for all categories
c. Pictures to be submitted on Whatsapp throughout the trip
d. Categories
i. Fauna
ii. Flora
iii. Homosapians
iv. LRON Trip (Group Pictures)
v. Sunset, Sunrise


Menu Listed on the itinerary is only intended as a guideline with regards to preparation time and facilities available. Each participant is responsible for their own menu and catering: everything you intent to eat or drink, you need to bring yourself. Anyone is welcome to make use of the restaurant.

LRON Kaokoland Trip 2023 – Itinerary (download)

Other costs for the weekend: 

Sufficient Cash required for refuel at Sesfontein as well as cash for camp sites along the way. Costs for full tank of fuel.
Accommodation included in registration cost is for Ruacana, Epupa (2 nights) and Khowarib. Cash required for additional camping will amount to approximately N$ 500 per person, which will have to be paid upon arrival by each individual.

The event is finished.

The LRON Member Vehicle Entry Fee ticket sales has ended!
The Non-Member Vehicle Entry Fee ticket sales has ended!
The Accommodationfor Ruacana, Epupa (2 nights) and Khowarib. ticket sales has ended!


Apr 28 2023 - May 07 2023


All Day


Max Tietz