Land Rover Owners Namibia (LRON) supports Dagbreek School

On Friday, 13 August 2021, representative of Land Rover Owners Namibia (LRON), Chairperson JC Kruger, officially handed over twenty (20) foldable tables to the value of N$15 900.00 to the Dagbreek school. The funds had been raised by LRON members and the tables were purchased with the assistance of Cymot.

LRON has a long standing relationship with Dagbreek School.  Due to the Covid pandemic however, could not hold the usual annual event with the Dagbreek children. When LRON Chairperson, JC Kruger approached headmaster Paul du Plessis asking what assistance the school needed this year, Mr. du Plessis mentioned that the school needed twenty (20) foldable tables as they always have to borrow or hire tables when holding events at the school.

Dagreek School delivers a specialized service in teaching and development of learners who are intellectually disabled, which includes learners with Down’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Cerebal Palsy etc.

Land Rover Owners Namibia (LRON) not only organises training- and off-road events, it also places emphasis on social responsibility, supporting environmental, humanitarian and wildlife efforts.  Land Rover Owners Namibia (LRON) is open to owners of Land Rovers of any model and owners of other 4X4 makes.

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